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We pride ourselves in putting YOU the customer first. We believe that the internet should be easy, accessible and affordable for everyone. Our Web Hosting Starts at $14.95/mon Can. Join Now !

If one of our standard packages does not fit your needs, we will provide a custom package that does.

We are operating on Cobalt machines, which are built for virtual web hosting. The system runs on Linux with Apache Server. All administration for your site can be performed by remote, using your web browser.

As Site administrator you can change your user list, mail aliases, collect statistics etc. The MS FrontPage extensions allows you to download from MS FrontPage on your PC to your site directly. You also can perform your own backups to your PC from the site and restore. This gives you the control you desire, no waiting.

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  What is Web Hosting?

A virtual web host is a server provider on the internet who rents hardware space and internet connection to people and businesses, who want or need to have a real presence on the internet, but do not want to have the high costs of the hardware and connects. There are a variety of packages available depending on what you require and there is flexibility to make custom sites that fit the need.

The Reasons To Use a Virtual Server are many.

Security :

With the need to protect your internal systems but maintain a web presence Mintarix has a solution that should not be overlooked. With the Virtual Hosting system your web site is away from your main network, this prevents hackers from getting into you main network. When you need to upload or download to the website there is only short time connecting to your main network. This leaves very little time for hackers to backtrack to your office system. Mintarix takes Security Seriously!

Business :

Today there is an image to protect and to project in business, from the small corner store, lawyers, accountants, to larger manufactures and suppliers. More people are looking for information over the internet regarding products and services. Internet business will reach 30% of all business conducted world-wide by the year 2000. If you do not have a presence on the net you are going to miss the opportunity to reach other potential customers. For most companies the cost of setting up a whole server and connection is prohibitive. However our virtual web hosting can reduce the cost to a minimum. You can start small then build up your site with time and still keep your cost low. For retailers you can build a store where your clients can order over the internet from your on-line catalogue. Your sales productivity can be higher and the possibilities for your company growth are staggering.

Personal :

The need to maintain a consistent mailing address is important. If you are using your ISP(internet service provider; dial-up)for your mail address and you change service providers then you have to go through your mail list and mail everyone that you have a new mail address. This can be very time consuming and frustrating for you and the people who want to mail you. Also there is a possibility you forgot to notify someone and they lose contart with you. You can instead have a small site independent of the ISP, so if you change your ISP your mail will still get to you and your website will stay the same no matter what. All you have to do is change your site e-mail redirect.Easy

Internet Domain names, eg. are being registered by the thousands each day. Less and less choices available each hour. Don't miss out!

Web Hosting page space with Mintarix Virtual Services starts from only $12.95 Can per month. Check out our most popular packages pricing or, Click Here to Join! or for a personalized package,



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